Tobacco May Be Harmful To Your Health: In More Ways Than You Think!!

March 14, 2016

It will come as no surprise that those who plunge their fingers into a newly bought pouch of chewing tobacco are taking significant health risks.  Whether tobacco manufacturers are liable for the inclusion of cancer-causing substances in its products may still be debated by some.  Still, the inclusion of carcinogenic “stuff" in chewing tobacco is one thing.  I think everyone draws a line at the inclusion of human appendages in freshly opened "chaw”.      

So we can only imagine Mr. Pillars' surprise when he opened a new pouch of Brown Mule tobacco, took a plug and started getting sicker - even making him foam at the mouth.  The cause of his nauseating suffering:  a decomposed human toe hidden amidst the tobacco.      

In an understatement from 1918, up there with an assertion that the ongoing Great War was a disagreement, the Mississippi Supreme Court announced: 

“if toes are found in chewing tobacco, it seems to us that somebody has been careless.”       

Pillars v. R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co., 78 So. 365, 366 (Miss. 1918)     

I for one am glad the Court clarified that mystery for us all.

Randy Merritt

Randy Merritt has practiced law for nearly twenty years in Los Angeles and now in Elk Grove.  Always searching for new opportunities to learn, Randy spends much of his free time reading about a  broad variety of subjects, including history, communication, public policy, and anything written by Stephen King and Neil Gaiman.  When he isn't reading, writing, or spending time with his family, Randy enjoys another of his passions - baseball.  Click on the picture for more information about Randy.

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